EkoNet promise

Bring benefit of internet-based economy to every Indian
Eko has made it possible for any business or brand to integrate with our products and avail of the various services and benefits. These partners are part of our network. We call it EkoNet.

Eko has already partnered with a large number of brands and companies who offer a wide range products and services with all the benefits of internet economy. Cheaper, with better quality and better service.

Together with our partners, Eko will expand the benefits of internet to every Indian, making their life better. Consumers can pay for your products or services in cash or digitally using Token, get assistance in download and sign up, know more about each product from our EkoStar and even use their premises for delivery and logistics.

EkoNet Platform

Our partners offer all products and services.
Bollywood & Entertainment
Cricket & Sports
Financial Services


Now expand your digital services to everyone with our EkoNet Assisted Commerce
Platform. Click each to download SDK and integrate the service. (Each link click will have

SDK that has software, APIs, policies and agreements)